History of the Ninja

Who Were the Ninja?

Some of the ninja leaders, or jonin, were disgraced samurai like Daisuke Togakure that had lost in battle or had been renounced by their daimyo but fled rather than committing ritual suicide. However, most ordinary ninjas were not from the nobility. Instead, low-ranking ninjas were villagers and farmers who learned to fight by any means necessary for their own self-preservation, including the use of stealth and poison to carry out assassinations. As a result, the most famous ninja strongholds were the Iga and Koga Provinces, mostly known for their rural farmlands and quiet villages. Women also served in ninja combat. Female ninja, or kunoichi, infiltrated enemy castles in the guise of dancers, concubines, or servants who were highly successful spies and sometimes even acted as assassins as well. 

Brotherhood Oath

We are proud to be Ninja

We shall always practise and study

We shall always be quick to sieze the oppertunity

We shall always practice patience

We shall always keep the fighting spirit of Ninjutsu

We shall always deflect soft and strike hard

We shall always believe that nothing is impossible

We shall always discard the bad

We shall keep the good

We shall always be loyal to ourselves, our art and our country

Basic overview of the Ninjitsu Ryu Syllabi

9th KyuDeflections, Body Movement and Posture
8th KyuAtemi Jitsu, Striking, Kicking, Taiso, Combinations
7th KyuTake Downs, Stealth, Multiple Attacks, Kubatan, Jawara Sticks
6th KyuGround Work, Locks, Escape From Holds
5th KyuSho-Bo, Kali Sticks
4th KyuKnife Work (Multiple Knife Variations), Shurikan, Kukri
3rd KyuJo / Bo
2nd KyuTonfa, Kama
1st KyuBelt, Nunchuku
1st DanSingle Hand Fighting, Sword, Firearms, Teaching